Alaska Marine Ferry

First things first – it’s actually an Alaska State Ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway. But I say Alaska Marine Ferry, and for some reason I really enjoy watching them move past the island. Maybe it’s the thought of the passengers’ awaiting adventures. Or it could be that I just like the looks of the ships. At any rate, a few Fridays ago, quite by accident, we happen to be walking the south point when the ferry was passing by. I thought it was moving rather slowly so of course I checked my AIS app. Yes indeed, it was only travelling at about 6kn. We scurried down the light house beach trail to spy a good view. After it passed the the point it started to make a turn. Were they having mechanical issues and needed to return to port, I wondered? The u-turn turned into a 360 degree turn. Another check of the AIS app revealed the possible issue, a tanker headed East down along Lummi headed towards the Samish area. Sure enough, the Alaska Marine Ferry continued on it’s way as the tanker moved to the south of Vendovi.

Just another exciting Friday evening on Eliza Island.

Alaska Ferry during 360
Heading off into the sunset
The “cause” of the delay…


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